Positive Panda

A collection of meditations to nurture positive young minds. 

“I’d like to share a Panda secret with you,

So you can learn to have a calm mind too.

You are safe and always will be,

Come start your journey with me…”


Panda introduces children to meditation, helps them to relax with breathing exercises and visualisations, before sharing twelve inspiring and uplifting journeys. Each one focusing on positive attributes such as self-belief, perseverance, independence and curiosity.


​Enjoy the benefits of meditation with journeys that spark the imagination. Explore the delights of ‘Mermaid Cave’, feast on a delicious 'Midnight Picnic' and discover what is inside the mysterious 'Green Egg'.

Paperback £6.99

Professional Review 

“This is a lovely book! There is a growing evidence base that suggests that mindfulness meditation has a positive impact on children’s social and emotional wellbeing as well as aspects of cognitive functioning. This book helps children to prepare for meditation with the support of a friendly Panda by offering a simple child-friendly explanation of what meditation is and then practising breathing and stretching techniques. It goes on to provide a number of beautifully written guided visualisations that focus on key themes such as kindness, friendship, self-belief, resilience, perseverance and asking for help. The ‘peace pauses’ also offer children the opportunity to engage in the meditation at their own pace and the recommendation to explore the meditations afterwards is an important addition in monitoring the impact for the child. I will be delighted to recommend this book to the schools and families I work with.”


Dr Emily Crichton, Chartered Educational Psychologist / Managing Director of Educational Psychology for Everyone Ltd


Fantastic and unique book. Teaches children positive attributes in a really sweet and simple way. Really like that it has twelve journeys that can be read independently. My 5 year old absolutely loves it! 

— Nicola

Love the Illustrations...

Positive Panda is illustrated by the talented Kat Stock.

She owns 'House of Jack', selling beautiful personalised products.

Head over and check out her website!

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