Book Signings

Shaula is available for book signings in Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset. Please contact us to discuss arrangements. 


After meditating - "I didn't make a wish.

I put the shell down so that somebody who needs it more could have one. Then the sand turned rainbow colours."

Age 7

School Visits 

Shaula is an experienced EYFS and KS1 Teacher. She is available for local school visits in Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset. She can provide a tailored itinerary to suit any topic or event. 


Workshops could include any of the following:


Enjoy a peaceful workshop with huge well-being benefits! Teach children a skill for life! Introduce children to why meditation is good for our mental health and how we can achieve it. Shaula writes meditations specifically for children, capturing their interests and imaginations. Meditations from 'Positive Panda' gently promote positive attributes such as perseverance, independence, self-belief and courage; all crucial to learning. 


Story Massage 

Story Massage provides a sensory Literacy experience through peer to peer massage. There are 10 simple strokes that can be used to match any story, rhyme or song. Children can even have a go at creating their own. Story Massage is always a big hit and can be done anytime, anywhere! It's fantastic for developing Literacy skills, alongside a compassionate whole class/school community. 

Crafts to support mindfulness

Shaula has always enjoyed getting arty in the classroom. Meditation and mindfulness work brilliantly with the arts, opening children's creativity and allowing them the calm space to express and explore. Children can also create specific pieces that support a growth mindset.

Workshops can be booked as a half/full day and can cover multiple classes.

Shaula is also available for book signings, parent workshops and staff training sessions. 

If you are interested in organising a visit please contact for more information. 

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