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Shaula holding the proof copy of 'Positive Panda'. 

I love being a Teacher! I have taught Nursery to Year 2 for many years, yet still no day is ever the same. Although the classroom is always lots of fun, with a demanding curriculum it's also busy, busy, busy with no time to spare. However over the years, I have taught lots of little people feeling overwhelmed, anxious and lacking in confidence. I believe it is vital to make time to pause, be calm and truly connect as a class community. To allow children a moment to simply 'be' without judgement. Meditation and mindfulness have so many well-being benefits and makes a great addition to the traditional 'story time'. 

Outside of the classroom, I too was enjoying the benefits of meditation. I joined several meditation groups and began my own practice to help me sleep after a long day. The more I practiced, the easier I found it. I then started to run my own meditation sessions for adults. 

In January 2019, I had the most beautiful little girl, Nula Rose. While on Maternity Leave I finally had the chance to start writing! In those early all-nighters when the house was completely still, I had endless hours to dream up relaxing journeys. With Nula asleep in my arms, I felt inspired to provide children a 'moment of calm' in our very busy world. 

So Calm, Create, Meditate is the product of my two worlds coming together! Knowing children and knowing meditation. By understanding the importance for a positive mindset and the well-being benefits of meditation, the idea for 'Positive Panda' was born!


Support children to feel calm with simple breathing exercises and relaxing visualisations that they can implement to self-soothe. 


Coming Soon - Activity ideas and Teaching Resources to use alongside meditation to inspire creativity.  


Guided visualisations are a simple, yet effective way of introducing children to the benefits of meditation. Scripts are written on a variety of topics to capture the attention and imagination of little ones.

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